CSL 160 Silicone Sealant

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General Contractor Silicone Sealant/Adhesive

A high-performing sealant for the general contractor with excellent weathering and oxidation resistance, which are imperative for longevity and durability. Ease of tooling and elimination of squeeze-out and subsequent cleanup allow for efficient installation. CSL160 is available in a broad range of standard, custom, and clear color formulations for ultimate flexibility in decor design.

100% silicone construction sealant.

CSL160 is a one-part moisture-curing RTV (room-temperature vulcanizing) silicone sealant designed for general contracting. CSL160 is a professional-grade sealant ideal for applications where high levels of protection, adhesion, elasticity, and longevity are desired. CSL160 resists aging, weathering, and thermal cycling without hardening, shrinking, cracking, crumbling, bleeding, or drying out.
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Product # Finish/Color
160090 Black
160011 Clear Transparent
CS1T Translucent
160030 White


- Excellent strength and flexibility
- Resists moisture, UV, ozone, and extreme weathering
- Superior unprimed adhesion to most surfaces
- Will not dry out, harden or crack
- Ready to use; tools and cleans easily


Optimal Adherence to
Vinyl, Glass, Tile, Non-oiled Wood, Plastic, Painted Metal, Porcelain, Ceramic
Tooling Time
Immediately tool the sealant
Skin Formation Over Time/Dry to the Touch
10 minutes
10.1 oz*
100% RTV Silicone, Acetoxy Silicone
VOC Concentration (EPA Method 24)
41.82 grams per liter
Heavy-Duty, Water Resistant, Weatherproof, Good Cold Flexibility, No Shrinkage
Recommended Use
Interior, Exterior, Bathroom / Kitchen, Wood Windows, Shower Stall, Vinyl/PVC Windows, Counter, Cabinet, Door and Window
Packaging Specifications
Plastic Cartridge

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CSL160 is ideal for sealing around carpentry, cabinetry, tubs, sinks, shower and bath panel joints, counter tops, doors windows and flashings, and as a general adhesive.

One 300 mL (10.2 fl. oz.) cartridge of CSL 160 will seal about 120 linear feet of 3/16" x 3/16" concave bead.


- Drying Time:
Cure time is approximately 24 hours depending on environmental conditions; sealant may take up to 7 days to develop its full physical characteristics

-Shelf life and storage:
CSL160 has a shelf life of twelve months from the date of manufacture when stored in the original unopened container in dry, shaded conditions, away from sources of heat or ignition, at or below 32 °C (90 °F).