UV Adhesive Verifix® B 682-T

Product # D030143

Glass to Metal UV Glue

This UV-curing adhesive is translucent but not completely clear. It is medium-viscosity and must therefore be applied to the bonding surface prior to assembling the parts. Due to the very high final strength of this adhesive, it is especially suitable for statically demanding bonds. Glass/metal bonds work especially well-- this product is ideal for bonding metal hinges to glass doors. Many other materials can be bonded with this adhesive; other than metal to glass, it can also bond stone, wood, and a variety of thermoplastics to glass. As not all thermoplastics can be bonded, prior trials are always recommended when working with these materials.
- Forward speed from 8 to 20 m/min.


- Only one step


Requires the following products
Blister of 100 units


Product #
EVA Copolymer
0.705 oz*
Clear Transparent

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  • Hinges for Assembly with UV Glue
  • Locks for Glass Doors - With UV Bonding
  • Metal Grommets
  • Maintenance Products for Glass, Mirrors, and Plastics
  • Shelf Supports, Knobs, and Adaptors for UV Glue Assembly


Suitable bonding materials:
- Glass to metal
- Glass to glass
- Glass to wood
- Glass to stone
- Tempered glass to tempered glass
- Glass to thermoplastics


- Shelf life in original container in a cool, dry, dark location (without UV radiation): note expiration date on bottle. Can be stored up to 6 months after opening.

Limitation of Liability:
- Precautions: see EU Safety Data Sheet.

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