Non-Locking Spring Steel Clip

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The Mod-eez RTA "Ready-To-Assemble" fastening system was developed to accomplish three specific objectives:

1. To join panels securely together in such a manner that dimensional changes in the material or structure would not rupture or loosen the joints.
2. To achieve this objective with a fast and simple method of assembly, preferably without the need for tools.
3. To end up with a joint in which the fasteners are totally concealed.

The Mod-eez Fastening system meets these objectives by utilizing a spring steel declining ramp "Clip" and a large collared "Shoulder Screw" as the two mating members. Spring steel makes the joints strong, yet flexible, while the collar on the Shoulder Screw adds tremendous resistance to torsional pull-out. Assembly occurs by simply sliding the Shoulder Screw head down the Clip's ramp. With the Clip located in its pocket, and the system assembled, all fasteners disappear!
Width: 7/16 in 17/32 in Additional Information: For 16 mm Installation Panels For 19 mm Installation Panels Select Options
Product # Width Additional Information
MZ4032C5 7/16 in For 16 mm Installation Panels
MZ5032C5 17/32 in For 19 mm Installation Panels


1.674 in
0.438 in


The Mod-eez Fastening System can be used in many different applications, such as cabinets, chairs and store fixtures.


This system uses the 32 mm mounting system.
To complement the shoulder screws, you need to use n°10 pan head screws to fix the fasteners.

For the reference MZ5032C5 we recommend to groove a 1/2" diameter bit.
For the reference MZ4032C5 we recommend to groove a 7/16" diameter bit.