Striplox Mini 60 Invisible Joiner

Product # 422206090
The Striplox Mini 60 connectors are an invisible joiner suited to everyday builds, custom cabinets, wood joints and anywhere else you commonly use biscuit joints, fasteners or cam and dowel products. Creating a tight, neat, fully concealed solution that can be permanent or fully reusable joint every time. Integrating Striplox into your products and processes is easy. The Mini 60 uses existing methods for installation with no specialized tools required, delivering a fast, strong assembly of components or panels either in the factory, in the home or on site.

The Striplox Mini 60 connectors are similar in size to the standard No. 20 biscuit but can be permanent or reusable. Therefore it has potential in a vast variety of components to be shipped ready to assemble by hand only, anywhere in the world at a fraction of usual assembly and installation costs. The Striplox Mini 60 design is engineered to deliver the optimal flat pack / knock down solution for use in furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, fit-outs and other products. This provides the manufacturer and end-user unmatched savings on labour and transport. All of the Striplox Mini connectors enable rapid assembly without any tools, screws or fasteners!

In the factory, the use of Striplox Mini 60 also delivers savings in your production and machining costs with less positioning rebates and less components. Due to the unique load-spreading design, you will dramatically reduce the chance of substrate blow out commonly caused by over tightening conventional screws or fasteners.
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- Assembly with standard 100 mm biscuit cutter
- Cabinetry or panels can be fitted permanently or removed with ease
- Can be used in substrates of 12 mm thickness and upwards
- No visible fixings -- completely concealed joint
- Eliminates damage -- install panels during final build
- Strength, Durability and Versatility
- Lower transportation cost -- flat pack
- Lower labour costs with fast on site assembly
- Joining will not interfere with substrate finish (ie. Veneers, 2pac paint)


Requires the following products


Product #


  • Various Templates
  • Dismountable Connectors
  • Cyanoacrylate Glue


-Feature ceilings, walls, cabinetry, shelving
-Commercial wall paneling and office partitioning
-Modular entertainment builds
-Locker systems assemblies
-Toilet/shower partitioning
-Wardrobe fit outs
-Framing of artwork/mirrors
-Furniture construction and interior fitting
-Shop fitting displays and signage
-Exhibition and trade events
-DIY garden shed and Patio
-RV and Marine fit outs