Striplox Pro 23 Concealed Connector

Product # 422202390
The Striplox Pro 23 connectors have been designed for literally hundreds of uses, from the every day project through to larger scaled architectural projects. The Striplox Pro 23 is a smaller version of the "Striplox Pro 55" and has been designed with the added advantage of being able to easily fix to the most commonly used standard sized framing, panels and shelving.

Using the Striplox Pro 23 connector allows for easy installation and assembly of modern architectural features fixed to walls or ceilings, floating shelves or just connecting and fastening almost any panel products, frames, displays, cabinetry or furniture in seconds -- without tools or technical skills and no loose fasteners or glue. You will be amazed with it's strength and versatility and varied range of uses.

Using the patented Striplox Pro 23 rapid connectors will slash your labour costs with quick assembly at the point of use and installation. The unique engineered connectors deliver strength and durability in one action by transferring load capacities evenly over the entire joint. The uses and applications are numerous with designers, installers and manufactures now completely re-thinking how they can now deliver innovative designs and solutions that also save on costs.

Striplox Pro 23 connectors can be configured to best suit your application. Surface mount or rebate mount and orientated for vertical or horizontal assembly/connections. The system is reusable, making it possible to pull down your assembly, relocating and connecting again as many times as you like! Or if your requirement is to have the connection permanent then simply leave the locking tab in place. (See Installation Guide)


- No visible fixings
- Eliminates damage -- install panels during final build
- Lower transportation cost -- flat pack
- Lower labour costs on site assembly
- Designed using the internationally recognized 32 system
- No tools or trade skills required for assembly
- Cabinetry or panels can be fitted permanently or removed and re-used with ease
- Striplox Pro 23 can be configured in many different ways to best suit your application, surface mount or rebate mount and orientated for vertical or horizontal assembly
- Variety of mounting options glue and or screw fix


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Striplox Pro 23 connector can be used on a variety of applications ideal for fastening and connecting:

-Walls and Ceiling panelling
-Commercial Partitioning
-Architectural panels and sheeting
-Feature displays and Floating shelves
-Shop fitting and Retail displays and fixtures
-Exhibition, Trade Show and promotional displays
-Frames, Structures and supports
-Acoustic Panelling (Enhances performance providing an air space)
-Furniture, RTA and Knock Down Products
-Signage and Display Boards
-Garden and Privacy Screens
-RV and Marine fit-outs
-Home & DIY Projects