Cover Cap - PVC, 14 mm (9/16"), Solid Colors

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Gives a professional job the finishing touch.
Fastcap is a self-adhesive cover cap made of durable PVC, unfinished real wood veneer, or prefinished real wood veneer. This cap is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from covering RTA fittings to trimming out plumbing cut-outs in sink cabinets.
Finish: Almond Antique White Black Brushed Chrome Dark Gray Gray White Packaging format: Box of 265 Blister of 265 units Box of 1060 Box of 26500 Select Options
Product # Finish Packaging format
91611540 Almond Box of 265
91621540 Almond Box of 1060
91611534 Antique White Box of 265
91621534 Antique White Box of 1060
91611590 Black Box of 265
91621590 Black Box of 1060
916115195 Brushed Chrome Box of 265
916115100 Dark Gray Box of 265
916215100 Dark Gray Box of 1060
916115105 Gray Box of 265
916215105 Gray Box of 1060
91611530 White Blister of 265 units
91621530 White Box of 1060
91631530 White Box of 26500


Unlike other cover caps, these do not need to adhere perfectly to the screw for proper installation and require neither glue nor caulking compound.


9/16" (14 mm) Cover Caps
9/16 in