Plastic Cover Cap for #2 Square Drive

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For #8 screw with #2 square drive

To cover screws on furniture.
Brand: Onward Reliable Richelieu Finish: Almond Black Brown Caramel Gray Hardrock Maple White Packaging format: Blister of 25 units Bag of 25 units Bag of 100 units Box of 650 Bag of 1000 units Select Options
Product # Brand Finish Packaging format
1620ALR Onward Almond Blister of 25 units
1620ALS Onward Almond Bag of 100 units
1620FBR Onward Black Blister of 25 units
1620FBS Onward Black Bag of 100 units
1620BRR Onward Brown Blister of 25 units
1620BRS Onward Brown Bag of 100 units
1620GRR Onward Gray Blister of 25 units
1620GRS Onward Gray Bag of 100 units
1620WR Onward White Blister of 25 units
1620WS Onward White Bag of 100 units
PPCA8J Reliable Almond Box of 650
MP7500992 Reliable Hardrock Maple Bag of 1000 units
PPCW8J Reliable White Box of 650
MP750040 Richelieu Almond Bag of 1000 units
BP750090 Richelieu Black Bag of 25 units
CP750090 Richelieu Black Bag of 100 units
MP750090 Richelieu Black Bag of 1000 units
MP750060 Richelieu Brown Bag of 1000 units
MP750065 Richelieu Caramel Bag of 1000 units
MP7500105 Richelieu Gray Bag of 1000 units
BP750030 Richelieu White Bag of 25 units
CP750030 Richelieu White Bag of 100 units
MP750030 Richelieu White Bag of 1000 units


- Cover caps can hide imperfections in the screw head or minor misalignments, ensuring that the final result looks flawless.
- These caps protect screw heads from exposure to moisture, dust, and debris, preventing corrosion or damage over time.
- Cover caps can be removed and reused, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for covering screws.


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