PSA Hook and Loop

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Hook and loop with pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. Reduce or eliminate the need for sewing. You can easily stick the hook and loop on many different surfaces.
Made of 100% nylon.
Width: 3/4 in 7/8 in 1 in 4 in Type: Hook Loop Finish: Black White Packaging format: Roll Roll of 25 %m% Select Options
Product # Width Type Finish Packaging format
464230202025 3/4 in Hook Black Roll of 25 %m%
464240202025 3/4 in Loop Black Roll of 25 %m%
4642301022900 7/8 in Hook White Roll
4642401022900 7/8 in Loop White Roll
464230102525 1 in Hook White Roll of 25 %m%
464240202525 1 in Loop Black Roll of 25 %m%
464240102525 1 in Loop White Roll of 25 %m%
464230210025 4 in Hook Black Roll of 25 %m%
464240210025 4 in Loop Black Roll of 25 %m%


-One of the primary advantages of sew-on hook and loop is its adjustability. Users can easily reposition or remove items without damaging the fabric or the fastener itself.
- Easy to customize to fit the specific requirements of a project. It can be cut into desired lengths and shapes, allowing for flexibility in design and functionality.