3/8" - Dowelmax Classic Kit

Product # 9141001
The Dowelmax Classic package is comprised of the main Dowelmax jig device and accessory parts as shown above, and is a highly adjustable and versatile wood joinery system enabling the professional and amateur woodworker to create precision wood joints for entire fine furniture and cabinet projects in the fastest time possible, with complete accuracy and amazing strength. Dowelmax wood joints can be of any configuration from 3/4"x3/4" to 4"x4" and of any length. The Dowelmax is assembled using top quality CNC machined parts made from 6061 aluminum, furnace hardened steel and hard yellow brass. All Dowelmax parts have a tolerance of +/- .001" to ensure accurate function, ease of application and stability.


- Takes 90% less time than mortise and tenon, with proven greater or equal strength
- 3 times stronger than biscuits


Product #
Type of Jig
For Dowel Assembly


- 1 instructional DVD
- 1 instruction manual
- 3 spacers: 1-5/8", 3/4", 3/8"
- 1 index pin for longer joints
- 1 distance gauge for long work pieces
- 1 3/8" HSS drill bit, collar stop, and wrench
- 1 reference bracket
- 5 drill guides (1-3/4" long)
- 1 reference block
- 1 clamp bracket


Dowelmax main body components are made from 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum processed on CNC machines in multiple separate operations. The 1.750" drill guides are CNC bored and furnace hardened to 57 Rc and coated with black oxide in multiple processes. No Dowelmax guides in the field have found to be worn in ten years of production and use. The clamp and adjustment screws are custom machined in top-quality hard yellow brass. Current Dowelmax units have larger, improved 7/8" clamp knobs for greater clamping force that is easier to apply.