Nature Plus Touch-Up & Repair Kit

Product # M81507182
Mohawk's Touch-Up and Repair Kit is a perfect solution for scratches, nicks and open joints on your Nature Plus Panels, Edgebandings and Laminates.
Each color of Nature Plus co-relates to a Touch-Up & Repair Kit code which provides the closest color match to that Nature Plus color.

One Kit contains: 1 Fil-Stik, 1 Marker, 1 Plastic Leveler Card, 1 piece Scotch Brite pad and a tri-lingual instruction sheet.
Color: Volterra Oak Ardesia Argento Ascari Aspen Oak Barn Oak Bianco Brolio Oak Burned Cairo Carbon Carbone City Oak Concrete Concrete Bianco Cypress Point Dark Concrete Dublin Engadina Fittipaldi Fresh Gray Gavi Oak Glasgow Glauco Hyde Park Light Carbon Lounge Brown Madrid Maya Nadir Nebia Nero Night UB02 Oregon Pine Ottone Peak District Pecan Rame Silver Sand Smoky Stratos Toasted Espresso Tuscan Cypress Valleta Vineyard Oak Zirconia Modify Options
Product # Color
M81507182 Volterra Oak
M815200483 Ardesia
M815200494 Argento
M81507181 Ascari
M81507160 Aspen Oak
M81507162 Barn Oak
M81507173 Bianco
M81507177 Brolio Oak
M81507164 Burned
M815200491 Cairo
M81507171 Carbon
M815200486 Carbone
M81507166 City Oak
M81507159 Concrete
M81507175 Concrete Bianco
M81507172 Cypress Point
M81507156 Dark Concrete
M815200482 Dublin
M81507157 Engadina
M815200485 Fittipaldi
M81507158 Fresh Gray
M81507178 Gavi Oak
M815200489 Glasgow
M815200487 Glauco
M81507176 Hyde Park
M81507167 Light Carbon
M81507155 Lounge Brown
M815200488 Madrid
M815200484 Maya
M81507179 Nadir
M815200481 Nebia
M81507163 Nero
M815200496 Night UB02
M81507161 Oregon Pine
M815200495 Ottone
M81507180 Peak District
M815200490 Pecan
M815200497 Rame
M81507188 Silver Sand
M81507174 Smoky
M81507170 Stratos
M81507169 Toasted Espresso
M81507165 Tuscan Cypress
M815200492 Valleta
M81507168 Vineyard Oak
M815200493 Zirconia


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