Multi-Air Cyclonic Grip-On Sanding Disc

Product # 290005M180
Box of 50
Using the latest manufacturing technology, Norton has developed the most advanced abrasive disc on the market which is called the 'Next Generation Design' of abrasive with a natural progression in dust extraction technology. A perfect combination of abrasive grain innovation, design technology and specialized laser cutting for maximum productivity. The Multi-Air Cyclonic disc has 346 holes in a 6" disc that are precisely cut by a laser. Unlike a die-punched hole which causes deformation at the hole where dust can collect, thereby reducing the cut and the ability to extract dust, the precision laser cut holes are true and flat and aid in directing dust into the holes to reduce contamination in the shop. Multi-Air Cyclonic discs can attach to any multi-hole (54+ holes) back up pad since the holes in the disc do not have to be matched up with the holes in the pad, so changeover is fast and easy. This ingenious hole pattern was inspired by Mother Nature, developed by R&D specialists and can be explained using the Golden Ratio.

Precision laser-cut, spiral-hole design based on the Golden Ratio
Norton SG ceramic alumina grain for the entire grit range
Unique fiber-reinforced latex/paper backing
Water-based stearate coating (No-Fil)

Norton Premium ceramic A975 hook and loop (NorGrip) discs offer the longest life and fastest cut and maximum dust extraction for any sanding job.
Grit: 180 Grit Texture: Fine Diameter: 5 in Modify Options
Product # Grit Grit Texture Diameter
290005M180 180 Fine 5 in
290005M120 120 Medium 5 in
290006M120 120 Medium 6 in
290005M150 150 Medium 5 in
290006M150 150 Medium 6 in
290005M220 220 Very Fine 5 in
290006M220 220 Very Fine 6 in
290005M320 320 Super Fine 5 in


- Create a cleaner work space with virtually dust-free sanding.
- Deliver more productivity with fewer product changes.
- Reduce labor costs per job with less sanding time.
- Generate more profit with longer product life, better surface quality and higher sanding performance without loading.

- Maximum dust extraction for cleaner work environment and less potential for contamination in the shop.
- Consistent cut throughout the life of the product
- Superior cut on difficult to sand surfaces
- Substantially longer life and faster cut than conventional abrasives
- Quick/cool cut
- Flexible, strong and tear-resistant


Product #
Dust Extraction Holes
Multiple Holes
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