Rubber Leg Tips

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Interior Dimensions: 1/2 in* 5/8 in* 3/4 in* 7/8 in* 31/32 in* 1 5/32 in* 1 1/4 in* Finish: Black Off-White Packaging format: Per unit Box of 4 Select Options
Product number Interior Dimensions Finish Packaging format
F45374 1/2 in* Black Per unit
F31928 1/2 in* Black Box of 4
F45375 5/8 in* Black Per unit
F31929 5/8 in* Black Box of 4
F45432 5/8 in* Off-White Per unit
F45376 3/4 in* Black Per unit
F31930 3/4 in* Black Box of 4
F45433 3/4 in* Off-White Per unit
F45377 7/8 in* Black Per unit
F31931 7/8 in* Black Box of 4
F45434 7/8 in* Off-White Per unit
F45378 31/32 in* Black Per unit
F31932 31/32 in* Black Box of 4
F45435 31/32 in* Off-White Per unit
F31927 31/32 in* Off-White Box of 4
F43859 1 5/32 in* Black Per unit
F43858 1 5/32 in* Off-White Per unit
F43861 1 1/4 in* Black Per unit
F32017 1 1/4 in* Black Box of 4
F43860 1 1/4 in* Off-White Per unit


Nonslip, durable protection


Mounting Type
Recommended Surfaces
Tile/ Ceramic/ Linoleum, Hardwood/Laminate

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Use on tubular legs or wood legs.
Rubber Leg Tips

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