Folding Support

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These sturdy folding L-brackets allow you to create a work surface that can be quickly folded way when no longer needed. The bracket's convenient one-hand release mechanism makes the bracket easy to open, close, or adjust without the danger of getting hands caught in a folding crossbar.

- Brackets can be mounted to any type of wall.
- Adjustable to four positions: 90°, 80°, 70°, and 0° (closed position).
- Durable zinc-coated steel construction with spring-loaded release lever.
- Exceeds BHMA static load testing requirements.
Projection - Overall Dimensions: 15 3/4 in* 11 3/4 in* Height - Overall Dimensions: 10 5/8 in* Color/Finish: White Zinc Shelf Thickness: 15 3/4 in* Width - Overall Dimension: 1 3/8 in* Select Options
Product # Projection - Overall Dimensions Height - Overall Dimensions Color/Finish Shelf Thickness Width - Overall Dimension
2061630 15 3/4 in* 10 5/8 in* White 15 3/4 in* 1 3/8 in*
206162G 15 3/4 in* 10 5/8 in* Zinc 15 3/4 in* 1 3/8 in*
2061230 11 3/4 in* 7 7/8 in* White 11 3/4 in* 1 3/16 in*
206122G 11 3/4 in* 7 7/8 in* Zinc 11 3/4 in* 1 3/16 in*


Maximum Load Capacity per Shelf
750 lb
Cold Rolled Steel
Folding Support

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- Heavy-duty storage and work surface applications where limitations and/or flexibility in space is critical.
- Retail/grocery stores, warehouses, industrial garages, maintenance storage, office/residential storage.


For maximum loading capacity, brackets should be mounted directly to wall stud.
1) Prior to drilling all holes, check that the bracket is vertically level.
2) Attach one bracket to wall stud by fastening one #10 x 2" screw through the top mounting hole in bracket. Use a level to position the second bracket at the same height as the first bracket and fasten it to a wall stud using one 2" screw through the top mounting hole.
3) Center the shelf on the brackets. Fasten a #8 screw through the farthest rear mounting hole on each bracket.
4) Confirm that the shelf folds properly and adjust position of brackets if necessary.
5) Finish securing the brackets to the wall by fastening #10 x 2" screws through the second top mounting hole and through one of two bottom mounting holes.
6) Finish securing the brackets to the shelf by fastening #8 screws through the second rear mounting hole and through one of two front-mount holes.

Load Rating: Up to 750 lb/pair