Webkit BTRF 24V

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Our best kit for controlling light the way you want it !

The BTRF kit 24V allows you to acquire a complete system in one click, giving you the flexibility to quickly and easily have all components you need for your dimming system.

They offer two options :
- a plug in one
- a hardwire one

The kit come with a BTRF receiver and 2 cinetic switches options ( one zone and two zones).
Controller: 1-zone kinetics 2-zone kinetics Power Supply Watts: 75 W 96 W Select Options
Product # Controller Power Supply Watts
WEBKIT1248131 1-zone kinetics 75 W
WEBKIT1248133 1-zone kinetics 96 W
WEBKIT1248132 2-zone kinetics 75 W
WEBKIT1248134 2-zone kinetics 96 W