Functionality and Design

Improving daily life for individuals living in place with reduced mobility


Building spaces that cater to your clients' changing needs has never been easier with Richelieu's full range of products for living in place with reduced mobility. Our innovative solutions simplify day-to-day activities and make the home more functional for those with varying abilities.

Multi-purpose shelf rails with concealed lighting. Functional storage solutions with pull-out systems and swivel shelves
in various materials and colors. A new, easily accessible retractable shelf, a convenient addition to the kitchen countertop that saves space.


Discover the possibilities:

A must-have double-sided pull-out drawer for islands


A revolutionary concealed two-way drawer system that allows a drawer to be opened from both sides of a cabinet. Riverso's unique design allows for easy access to drawer contents, reducing unnecessary movement and optimizing flow from room to room. The unique Riverso system allows the same drawer to open in two directions: when one side is open, the other remains closed. Riverso meets every expectation for user comfort: the system is built around a synchronized full extension rail with a load capacity of 46 kg and has excellent sliding properties. It has a damped closing mechanism and features a push-open option on one side for handleless fronts.

Smart Lighting Systems for your convenience

New technologies allow for the ultimate lighting control. With a few buttons on a smartphone, you can turn on, turn off and dim the interior or exterior lights of your home, even when you're away. We also have a vast choice of ambient, directional and task lighting systems, adapted to the needs of any piece of furniture, room or layout.

Use the Voice Control


The Richelieu WIFI LED allows you to use voice commands to switch the lights in your home on or off while sitting comfortably on the sofa. You can configure your devices and control them by calling them by name and asking them to adjust the brightness or even the tone of the light.


The Richelieu WIFI LED application allows for voice command with Amazon ALEXA and Google Assistance, meeting the needs of today’s smart homes. You can set a timer for the lights to turn on or off automatically, so that you won’t have to worry about remembering to switch them off when leaving home or facing total darkness when returning. You can also turn on the strip lights using your phone to make it seem as if someone is at home.

Innovative storage and organizing solutions that make accessibility a piece of cake!

DECORATIVE HARDWARE including a wide array of pulls and knobs in sought-after finishes, attractive shapes, and a diversity of textures. 


A complete range of specialty components, selected for their functionality and aesthetics, that meet the evolving needs and trends of every type of residential and commercial setting.

Distinctive, functional products


A wide variety of products designed to meet specific project needs including designing facilities for people with reduced mobility, small spaces, raised ceilings, soundproofing open spaces, ergonomic solutions for working from home, and much more.



It has never been easier to organize your kitchen so everything is within reach!


See Libero 3.0 Smart Door Opening System

Libero 3.0 is a SMART hands-free electronic cabinet door opener. Compatible with our popular side-mounted waste management systems including SE and Euro Cargos. An integrated LED light indicates the position of the laser-sensor in the plinth area. Simply lift your foot toward the light and the door or drawer will fully open. Device can also be voice activated (compatible with AMAZON'S ALEXA only).

It has never been easier to dispose of waste!

More Kitchen Accessories to help you in your daily life: