"The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one we share,"

said French signer Georges Brassens.


However, this elixir is very sensitive to storage conditions and must be appropriately preserved. That's where Richelieu's storage solutions come in. Whether you want to integrate a wine cellar into your home or restaurant, we offer a wide range of customizable, sturdy bottle racks and lockers that are easy to install or assemble.

Our wide selection of bottle rack systems and components is perfect for creating wine cellars of any size for restaurants or residences. We also offer attractive wall shelves, clever dividers, and hinges to match your style. Select from our wide range of solutions.

Our modular wall-mounted bottle racks, angled or horizontal, are ready to assemble and require no cutting. Available in various styles and finishes, they are suitable for small and large spaces. You can also integrate glass supports and decorative shelves to complete the look. Fully customizable, the Vitigno 1-2-3, Leggero, and Pieno systems store wine bottles horizontally to retain cork moisture and prevent oxygen penetration.



Our various lighting and decorative panels give your space a warm and design touch. As with every design project, choosing the right materials to bring a vision to life presents various challenges. Working with Richelieu means never having to compromise between the performance of the material and the desired aesthetic.



This panel is made from recycled oak wood from wine barrels. Our commitment to technological innovation has allowed us to keep pace with the ever-changing design and interior decoration world. Our avant-garde panels are a choice solution that responds to the latest trends in creating personalized interior spaces through the original combination of patterns, colors, and different materials.

Richelieu offers decorative surfaces ranging from super matte to glossy and textured. With this complete selection of the most innovative surfaces, designers can take their projects to new heights with stunning visual effects.



We suggest the essential hardware and accessories in a single click. Made of metal or wood, cabinet handles, hinges and knobs come in matte, glossy, or brushed finishes and eco-friendly design touches in leather or cork. The perfect little details to enhance your interior!

In short, at Richelieu, you will find everything you need for an organized, ingenious, and stylish wine cellar!