The best tools to increase your productivity and work quality in four key categories

Every cabinetmaker and installer knows about the relationship between time and money: the less time you spend at a job site, the bigger the profit. Looking for ways to speed up your cabinet installations without sacrificing quality? Richelieu offers a full range of products to assist with leveling, lifting, clamping and connecting. These tools will make your life easier by increasing your efficiency and getting you to your next job in no time.


Proper leveling is arguably the golden rule of cabinet installation. Aesthetics aside, poorly leveled cabinets can create problems with other facets of a kitchen remodel. Uneven base cabinets, for instance, can cause delays with countertop and drawer installation and upset your client in the process.

The Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser GLL30 can accurately establish the high points on your floor, wall and ceiling. It projects two lines, creating a cross line visible for up to 30 feet. It also has a Smart Pendulum System that self-levels and identifies out-of-level conditions. You can easily mount it to the Telescoping Pole System to see plumb lines as you work.



Upper cabinets aren’t easy to lift by hand and hold in place while ensuring that they meet your plumb line. You might also require additional resources to lift larger pieces and avoid damaging your cabinets. Both the 3-H Little Hand Leveler and the 3rd Hand HD can cut labor costs by increasing your efficiency and reducing fatigue. 
Secure cabinets with revolutionary PWR Drive CAB screws to ensure a quick assembly and a perfect finish. 

If you’re installing bases first: Use the 3-H Little Hand Leveler. It mounts to the base cabinets and has an extension range of 16 to 22 inches. The Little Hand’s precision pump jack makes it easy to adjust for the height of your cabinet. A pair of two Little Hands can support up to 150 pounds.  

If you’re installing uppers first: Use the 3rd Hand HD. It mounts to the floor instead of your base cabinets and has a taller extension range (5 to 12 feet). Adjustments to your plumb line are easy with 360-degree articulating foot plates and a precision pump jack.


Unfortunately, boxes, cabinets and other types of loads aren’t always easy to grip. That alone can tack on extra moving time and add more strain to your back. Suction cup and vacuum cup handles provide sturdy, glove-friendly handholds to a number of surfaces, including wood, plastic and metal.

Available in single and double lever options, these cups fasten directly to any non-porous surface and hold anywhere from 120 to 200 pounds. They are manufactured with durable materials for quality and longevity. Many designs have mechanisms that alert users of suction loss as well. Don’t forget to practice proper lifting techniques, such as bending your knees, keeping your back straight and avoiding jerking or twisting motions.


Every cabinet installation requires clamping. It’s crucial to apply the right amount of pressure without damaging the cabinet surface or structure. You must also clamp your cabinets together in the right position prior to installing screws.

The Richelieu Squeezer/Spreader Clamp is the most powerful one-handed bar clamp on the market. It can hold more pressure for longer periods of time and comes with a trigger for non-explosive pressure release. Its l-beam bar resists twisting and bowing, which lets you apply maximum force to the clamp. Once the cabinets are perfectly aligned, use PWR Drive Hybrid screws to attach them together without the need for pre-drilling. These revolutionary screws are designed with a self-drilling point and a hi-low thread coated with wax to reduce wood splitting for faster assembly and a perfect finish. 

There are also application-specific clamps that can simplify the process, such as the Drawer Front Clamp and the Cabinet Face Frame Clamp. The Drawer Front Clamp applies dual clamping pressure to your drawer front, which helps you get a quick and accurate alignment. The Cabinet Face Frame Clamp allows you to tighten, align, pre-drill and fasten the face frame stiles while the clamp is in place.


Whether you are attaching cabinets to one another or attaching cabinets to a wall, there are several factors to consider when choosing which screws to use. You want screws that can adequately support the weight of plates and storage in upper cabinets. You may also need a special type of screw for specific cabinet types, such as floating shelves. 

For seamless connections: Striplox replaces traditional mechanical components like screws, brackets, and cams with a concealed connecting mechanism, allowing for a cleaner look overall. It can be surface or rebate mounted in both vertical and horizontal positions. You can use Striplox for countless joining and hanging applications. The Striplox Pro 23 Concealed Connector, for instance, has a narrow profile ideal for floating shelves and free hanging cabinets.

For extra holding power: PWR Drive Premium screws are designed for durability, strength and smooth performance featuring a hi-low thread and a non-greasy wax for faster installation and won't cause the wood to split while the flat head and countersinking nibs provide a flush finish. 

For specific applications: Some joinery applications may benefit from the use of dowels, which are both an accurate and strong method for a secure and long-lasting hold. The press and fit design of the Drive N' Lock Expansion Dowels compress and lock into place, once inserted, increasing assembly speed with no glue cure time or clean up required. Plus, there is no risk of breaking or cracking, unlike conventional wood dowels. 

For the finishing touch: To hide screw heads, FastCap Cover Caps offer a finished look in numerous options to match your cabinet color, including pre-finished wood, stainable unfinished wood, metallic and PVC. These high-performance acrylic adhesive strips are waterproof, easy to install and can withstand extreme temperatures. They fit perfectly over most screw heads, especially the new PWR Drive screws. 

Adding these essential items to your toolbox will increase both your efficiency and profitability while establishing a safe work environment during your installations. They can also streamline the installation process and put your focus back on delivering a quality product to your client.

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