Ultra-Penetrating Wood Stain

Product # M5204087
An all new dye-type stain that offers the superior transparency found only in dye stains. Excellent lightfastness. Will not bleed into topcoat finishes. May be brushed, wiped, or sprayed directly onto wood or mixed with lacquer for toning. Colors may be intermixed to create additional shades. Mohawk's Ultra Penetrating Stain offers the user the best combined characteristics of water, alcohol, and lacquer type dyes. New: 120 VOC-compliant.
Volume: 1 gal. 32 oz Color: Cherry Black Black Blue Blue Brown Mahogany Brown Mahogany Brown Maple Brown Maple Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Burnt Umber Colonial Maple Colonial Maple Dark Red Mahogany Dark Red Mahogany Extra Dark Walnut Extra Dark Walnut Golden Oak Golden Oak Green Green Light Golden Oak Light Golden Oak Light Red Mahogany Light Red Mahogany Medium Brown Walnut Medium Brown Walnut Mustard Mustard Orange Orange Perfect Brown Perfect Brown Raw Sienna Raw Sienna Raw Umber Raw Umber Van Dyke Brown Van Dyke Brown Yellow Yellow Packaging format: Per unit Modify Options
Product # Volume Color Packaging format
M5204087 1 gal. Cherry Per unit
M5202246 32 oz Black Per unit
M5204146 32 oz Blue Per unit
M5202296 32 oz Brown Mahogany Per unit
M5202366 32 oz Brown Maple Per unit
M5204766 32 oz Burnt Sienna Per unit
M5204086 32 oz Cherry Per unit
M5202406 32 oz Colonial Maple Per unit
M5202276 32 oz Dark Red Mahogany Per unit
M5202096 32 oz Extra Dark Walnut Per unit
M5203376 32 oz Golden Oak Per unit
M5204136 32 oz Green Per unit
M5204156 32 oz Light Golden Oak Per unit
M5202076 32 oz Medium Brown Walnut Per unit
M5202346 32 oz Medium Dark Walnut Per unit
M5203866 32 oz Medium Mahogany Per unit
M5202056 32 oz Mustard Per unit
M5202386 32 oz Orange Per unit
M5202496 32 oz Perfect Brown Per unit
M52001436 32 oz Raw Umber Per unit
M5202426 32 oz Red Per unit
M52014786 32 oz Van Dyke Brown Per unit
M5202036 32 oz Yellow Per unit
M5202247 1 gal. Black Per unit
M5204147 1 gal. Blue Per unit
M5202297 1 gal. Brown Mahogany Per unit
M5202367 1 gal. Brown Maple Per unit
M5204767 1 gal. Burnt Sienna Per unit
M52014357 1 gal. Burnt Umber Per unit
M5202407 1 gal. Colonial Maple Per unit
M5202277 1 gal. Dark Red Mahogany Per unit
M5202097 1 gal. Extra Dark Walnut Per unit
M5203377 1 gal. Golden Oak Per unit
M5204137 1 gal. Green Per unit
M52001A47 1 gal. Jet Black Per unit
M5204157 1 gal. Light Golden Oak Per unit
M5202187 1 gal. Light Red Mahogany Per unit
M5202077 1 gal. Medium Brown Walnut Per unit
M5202057 1 gal. Mustard Per unit
M5202387 1 gal. Orange Per unit
M5202497 1 gal. Perfect Brown Per unit
M5204777 1 gal. Raw Sienna Per unit
M52001437 1 gal. Raw Umber Per unit
M52014787 1 gal. Van Dyke Brown Per unit
M5202037 1 gal. Yellow Per unit