Latex Wood Filler

Product #: WP40042148
Volume: 177 ml* 680 ml* Color: White Pine Birch Birch Cherry/Dark Mahogany Cherry/Dark Mahogany Fir/Maple Fir/Maple Golden Oak Golden Oak Natural Natural Oak Oak Red Oak Red Oak Walnut Walnut White White Modify Options
Product number Volume Color
WP40042148 177 ml* White Pine
WP40042106 177 ml* Birch
WP40042112 177 ml* Cherry/Dark Mahogany
WP40042118 177 ml* Fir/Maple
WP40042152 177 ml* Golden Oak
WP40042126 177 ml* Natural
WP40042128 177 ml* Oak
WP40042134 177 ml* Red Oak
WP40042142 177 ml* Walnut
WP40042144 177 ml* White
WP22106 680 ml* Birch
WP222110 680 ml* Cherry/Dark Mahogany
WP40022118 680 ml* Fir/Maple
WP40022152 680 ml* Golden Oak
WP40022126 680 ml* Natural
WP40022128 680 ml* Oak
WP22134 680 ml* Red Oak
WP22148 680 ml* White Pine
WP40002126 3.79 l* Natural


- Easy application: this water-based latex formula wood filler requires no mixing. It spreads smoothly and evenly into small or large holes and cracks in unfinished wood.
- Fast drying time: dries in 15 minutes. Once dry, the filler acts just like real wood and is ready to sand, saw, stain, nail, paint, or plane.
- High solid content: Takes stains and paints like real wood because it's made with real wood.
- Minimal shrinking: Stronger than the wood it replaces, with no signs of shrinkage, cracking, or crumbling.
- Indoor/outdoor use: Famowood water-based latex formula wood filler may be used indoors or out, making it ideal for custom projects.
- Safe: Non-flammable and free of solvent fumes, this product meets growing consumer demand for a product that has little or no impact on the environment, yet maintains the qualities of our time-tested solvent-based products.
- Easy cleanup: Simply clean tools with soap and water.


Product number

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Latex Wood Filler

Product number: WP40042148