When Function Meets Design
Intelligent solutions to optimize small living spaces

Micro-living is a new term that describes living in micro apartments, living units that don’t conform to typical minimum space standards, in densely populated cities. A typical micro apartment is a one-room space designed to accommodate a kitchen, a living room a sleeping area and a bathroom. Most range from 200 square feet to 400 square feet and are an increasingly common solution to the affordable housing crises facing many major cities. While they do house people, making such a small living space into a fully functioning home can be challenging.
It can be a daunting task to fit a bed, a desk, a kitchen and a closet into such a tiny space – and Richelieu has the solution. The key is to use multifunctional furniture and fittings that save space and optimize every square inch.  Here are some of Richelieu’s innovative solutions for maximizing function in minimal space.

For maximum versatility, a foldaway bed is a must. Commonly known as a Murphy bed, this latest generation of folding bed systems operates with pistons for safe and easy opening and closing. They are built with wood slats and can accommodate a 12-inch mattress for restful sleep each and every night.
By night, a foldaway bed occupies the middle of the room, enticing you into a restful night’s sleep. By day, it folds away into a storage unit or sofa, freeing up space so that the room can transition into a home office or living room. It's a quick, convenient way to repurpose a room and accommodate changing needs for day and night. Add some floating shelves and you’ve got additional storage and night tables too.

Vice Versa - Vertical Opening Mechanism with Concealed Legs

This system functions as a unique frame that houses a wall bed on one side and multifunctional storage on the other. A double-rotating system that pivots on hardware installed at the top and bottom of the structure allows for access to both sides of the unit. This system even allows for seamlessly mounting electronic devices (television, speakers, etc.) thanks to a grommet in the pivot point which prevents tangled wires.

Flexible and multifunctional, pull-out tables can create additional temporary space by transforming into a dining table, a coffee table or a work table as needed. With just one table, we can now easily change the core function of a room. Pull-out tables are perfect for small spaces and are easy to slide or fold away to keep them hidden and out of the way when not in use.
They are great for creating a temporary surface for eating or prepping food in the kitchen, folding clothes in the laundry room, packing your suitcase in a closet or even as a desk in the family room.
Living in a micro unit is great-- but can you still entertain? You absolutely can thanks to adaptable pieces of furniture that do things like magically transform into seating for you and your dinner guests. Need more prep area? Use the Opla-top counter extension. Having people over for dinner? Extend your Surprise table to accommodate all your guests.


Even if you choose to live in a small space, you don't necessarily have fewer clothes or shoes. You have to explore every option for storing them.
So, how many pairs of shoes do you have? With the Panasonic revolving shoe rack, you can store up to 54 pairs of shoes. A clothing organizer that can fit 16 linear feet of clothing in an 8-foot x 30-inch closet could help too. Use a sliding or barn door for your closet to save even more space. The Wall-out can keep all your clothes organized and only needs 8 inches of depth.

Every inch counts in micro units. Having the right clothing and shoe storage is crucial. 


A regular hinged door takes up a lot of space. In a micro living unit, use a pocket door or a sliding system to save space. Sliding doors serve both functional and aesthetic purposes: since the door panels can be made from almost any material, they can easily become a beautiful design element.