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Product number : 919063
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Square 'n Tape: stop the "Builder's Square Shuffle!"

FastCap's new Square 'n Tape eliminates the tedious back-and-forth of marking and measuring with your tape, placing it back into your tool belt, and then drawing a line with your square. This all-in-one tool encompasses 8 great features and cuts stud layout time in half!

- Easily attaches to most 16' & 25' tapes
- Can follow the contour of curved boards
- Features a notch to hold your pencil in place
- Gives a straight line, every time!
- Precision marking for angles

Brand FastCap
Packaging format Per unit

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Advantages and benefits

- Notch at 3.5" to get a 2x4 out of your board
- Notch at 1.5" to get a 2x2 out of your board
- 90° square
- Mark at 1.5" for single stud layout
- Mark at 45°
- Erasable notepad, or customize with your company logo!
- Mark at 22.5°
- 3"-wide square for double stud layout

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