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Kraby Pneumatic Suspension Arm

Product #: 11159180


Automatic Opening

Kraby pneumatic suspension arm is a completely new way to open flap doors. The arm is specially designed for standard automatic drilling processes.


- Designed to be installed using standard automatic drilling processes.
- Offered in several newton strengths to suit small, medium, big and maxi door sizes.
- Can be fixed directly on solid doors or wider aluminum-framed section doors.
- For small aluminum sections, a special adapter (#100013180) is available.
- Automatic opening: Once you begin to open the door, it continues to open gently and completely by itself.
- Align nearby doors using the rotary knob placed on the piston base plate: adjustment of 10mm.
- Change the timing of the opening and closing of the door by adjusting the position of the piston base plate within the "U" slot of the side bracket.
- Exclusive to Richelieu.


The arm can be installed directly on solid doors or wider aluminum door frames.


Please refer to the technical documents for additional information.
Kraby Pneumatic Suspension Arm

Product number: 11159180