Pull Down Shelving Unit - Polished Chrome

- no need for a step stool or chair to reach something on the top shelf
- elegant chrome-plated, 2-Shelf pull-down units bring hard-to-reach items to your fingertips by lowering down 10-in and pushing out 14-3/4-in from the cabinet
- functional pull-out features unique lifting & lowering pistons that provide unparalleled stability through the entire range of motion
- if height inside cabinet is 42-in or greater, one units can be mounted on top of another

Product # 5UPD24CRN


Product number 5UPD24CRN
Solutions Upper Cabinets
Area of Activity Food Storage, Storage
Product Dimensions - Width 22 1/4 in
Product Dimensions - Depth 10 1/2 in
Product Dimensions - Height 21 1/2 in
Finish Gray
Material Metal


- The mechanism can be mounted by the bottom or by the side.
- System with removable acrylic baskets for a variety of uses, medication, spices, animal food, etc.
- Blank and pre-printed labels included. Slide them onto the facade to indicate contents.
- Equipped with a soft-opening and soft-closing mechanism.
- Designed for cabinet widths of 24"


- can be installed with either side mount or bottom mount; brackets included
Pull Down Shelving Unit - Polished Chrome

Product number: 5UPD24CRN