Convert your desk or table into a sit-to-stand workstation in seconds, thanks to the revolutionary Sit2Stand from Richelieu. Designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s office workers, Richelieu offers the latest in ergonomic office solutions that provides an ideal mix of ease, versatility and aesthetics.
The Sit2Stand can be customized to create the perfect workspace by allowing a smooth transition between a conventional desk and a stand-up workstation. In addition to easy installation, Sit2Stand is effortlessly adjustable in height; accommodating the majority of individual heights.
The Sit2Stand supports various configurations of single and dual monitors or in combination with a laptop. Its small footprint frees up desk space and a slide in and out work surface allows for note-taking.
The system’s clean lines and convenient rear cable management deliver compelling style without sacrifice. Available in two finishes, black or white, Sit2Stand will blend with any office decor.
About Richelieu

Richelieu is the leading distributor, importer and manufacturer of specialized hardware and products in North America. It offers a vast range of more than 110,000 products sourced globally. It has a customer base of 70,000 manufacturers, carpenters and retailers and 69 service centers in North America. Always a 21st trendsetter, Richelieu emphasizes design, style and innovation.