Super Matte Glaks Panel - Grigio M060

Product №: KGM060MAT1840


Glass dust

As luminous as glass, as robust as steel, as vivacious as a Renoir painting. Its glossy or matte colors make it a pleasure to see and touch: run your fingers over it to feel the sensation of velvety peach skin.

- Can be drilled and cut with ordinary woodworking tools
- Saves time and money compared to glass


Product №
Acrylic - PMMA
120 in
51 in
23/32 in*
Product Specialization
Vertical Interior Surface, Furniture Making, Cabinetry
Color Group
Color Name
Color Number
Panel Core
Available in Custom-Made Cabinet Doors

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Due to a special surface treatment GLAKS® is an extremely robust material resistant to scratches, knocks, abrasions and chemicals. These characteristics make it the ideal material for a wide range of applications.

In addition, GLAKS® is resistant to bacteria and therefore particularly suitable for applications in places attended by the general public or where hygiene is extremely important, such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms,
shops, laboratories and surgeries.

GLAKS® has undergone many laboratory tests which have established its main qualities as:
- Shockproof
- Color fast
- Easy to clean
- Resistant to abrasions and use
- Indirect heat resistant (avoid direct contact)
- Resistant to stains and chemicals
- Resistant surfaces that do not lose shine or deform
- Good light resistance
- Hygienic
- Lightweight


Its surface provides excellent resistance to abrasions, chemicals and light and has outstanding optical properties.

GLAKS® is real organic glass with a glossy or matte fingerprint proof surface and extraordinary resistance to ultraviolet rays, scratches and chemicals, a valid alternative to silicon
dioxide glass. GLAKS® is a non-toxic ecological product, also featuring excellent resistance to water and stains.

Besides the uses mentioned above, PMMA is widely employed in other fields, especially automotive and medical. Some examples of its applications include automobile rear lights, protective barriers in stadiums, and large showcase windows in aquariums. It is also popular for the production of laser disks (video disks) and occasionally for DVDs; however, for these (and for CDs) the more expensive polycarbonate is preferable because it has high resistance to humidity.

GLAKS® is ideal for manufacturing indoor furniture, such as:
- Kitchens: doors, shelves, side panels.
- Bathroom furniture: doors, countertops, shelves, side panels.
- Bedrooms and living rooms: doors, shelves, furniture tops.
- Offices: doors, furniture tops, shelves, partition walls.
- Shops and showrooms: doors, shelves, partition walls, floors, ledges.
- House doors and panels for security doors.
- Complementary items
- Table and desk tops

- Can be drilled and cut with ordinary woodworking tools.
- Time and money saving compared to glass.


Cannot be repolished because of its glass dust.

The surface of each individual item is covered with a protective film and has a multilingual use and maintenance label.

Only remove the protective film once the product has been fully installed or processed, taking care not to allow any fingernails or sharp and abrasive objects to come into contact with the surface until cured.

GLAKS® has very high aesthetic qualities, especially in terms of shine. Because the material is hygroscopic, its surface takes 2 or 3 days to reach complete hardness and scratch resistance as it absorbs normal humidity in the air.


ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS GLAKS® is completely recyclable; at the end of the furniture's lifecycle, remove all the hardware and take the panels to an eco-center or a wood recovery firm in your municipality, according to current norms and regulations. After that, special processes will separate GLAKS® from its backing to become once again raw material for the production of ABS. The backing will provide material for the production of excellent quality chipboard panels.