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Decorative Laminate - Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a biocomposite board consisting of recycled core and decorative papers plus a natural resin. This new type of composite material is made of nearly renewable resources, as the fiber material as well as the resin matrix is derived from renewable plant materials. This means there is no direct dependency on non-renewable fossil resources (oil, natural gas, etc.). The recycled paper is made from post-consumer paper, and the caramel-colored bio-resin is derived from sugar cane. Bagasse is a by-product of the sugar industry that is obtained when juice is extracted from sugar cane. Once hardened, the bio-resin possesses the qualities of thermosetting plastic and, together with the natural fibers, forms a hard, highly stress-resistant, dimensionally stable board with a tough surface.

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Product number DWS5200STO
Finish Black
Thickness 1/16 in
Width 48 in
Length 96 in
Color Group Gray/Black
Material Biocomposite Board
Collection Re-Y-Stone


- 100% ecological
- Non-polluting
- Non-petroleum based
- Made of recycled core, decor paper, and natural resin extracted from sugar production waste
- The material also has the advantage of a high degree of flexural rigidity due to its high modulus of elasticity.


Any vertical interior surface: store fixtures, furniture, columns, display cases, wall and ceiling panels, doors, exhibition stands, elevators, etc.

Not recommended for exterior use, high-humidity areas, or horizontal surfaces with high abrasion.


More than 60% of the board is composed of recycled paper and the remaining 30-40% is a bio-resin.
Surfaces of the board are not corrosive, nor do they oxidize. They require no additional surface treatment (e.g. varnish or paint).
All decorative surfaces can be cleaned with a mild soap solution. Abrasive cleaners such as scouring powder should be avoided.
Decorative Laminate - Stonehenge

Product number: DWS5200STO