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Combination Plunge & Fixed-Base Router Pack (2.3 HP)

Product #: BSMRC23EVSK


- 10,000-25,000 RPM: 2.3 HP (tool max.)
- Trigger control system: trigger power switch located in handle for enhanced control.
- Smooth plunge action, spring-lock plunge lever, and depth rod for easy and precise plunge routing.
- Afterlock microfine depth adjustment: easy and precise adjustments at any plunge setting.
- Versatile fixed-base depth adjustment, featuring a continuous micro-fine adjustment range and wrench for adjustments through top of optional router table.
- Always-on LED lighting for enhanced visibility in bit area.
- Precision centering design makes it easy to keep bit on cut line when using jigs, templates, dovetail fixtures and similar guidance devices.
- Two-stage quick clamp system for fast, tool-free conversion.
- Soft-start feature for reduced start-up torque.
- Variable speed dial for matching speed to workpiece and task.
- Constant-response circuitry maintains constant speed under load.
- Contoured soft grip handles for enhanced control and comfort.


Product number
Type of Tool


  • Router Bits
  • Clamps
  • Router Accessories
  • Router Bits


- Woodworking


- Motor
- Fixed base - MRF01
- Plunge base - MRP01
- 1/4" self-releasing collet chuck - 2610906283
- 1/2" self-releasing collet chuck - 2610906284
- 16 mm shaft wrench - 2610991388
- 24 mm collet nut wrench - 2610992417
- T-handle hex height adjustment wrench - 2610923193
- Carrying case - 2610913367
- M4 screws for table mounting (3)
- 10 ft. cord length
- One-year limited warranty from date of purchase.
Combination Plunge & Fixed-Base Router Pack (2.3 HP)

Product number: BSMRC23EVSK